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Reservation Requests

Contact for using the cabin and gardens will be the Garden Club's Buildings Chairman Joye Steele at (828) 242-2417 or She will schedule the time for your use on the master calendar, meet with you to give you the key and decide on the best way to return the key. Please do not hesitate to call her.

At any time before your event, please send your donation, payable to FBRGCF to the Club Treasurer Fiona Teague at (828) 747-1885 or

FBRGCF Buildings and Grounds Policy
(approved July 5, 2012)

The cabins and gardens owned by the French Broad River Garden Club Foundation, Inc. may be used for private events only if they reflect the purpose/mission of the club (See By-Laws, Article II, Sections1-3). Each member of the Garden Club is entitled to reserve and use the facilities as long as those criteria are met.

Because of our status as a non-profit organization 501(c)3, strictly social events are prohibited.

Other non-profit organizations may use the facilities if:
● They are sponsored by a FBRGCF member;
● The purpose of the meeting is educational; and
● The sponsor is in attendance for the event.

A contract which includes guidelines will be sent to the club member (and if applicable, a duplicate should be sent to the sponsored agency) to fill out and sign. The Garden Club will ask for a donation that will go directly into the Scholarship Fund.

Guidelines for Using Clem's Cabin & Gardens
(Revised July 5, 2012)

● Because we raise funds to award scholarships at the end of each fiscal year, we request a
tax-deductible donation of a minimum of $100.00.
● Please note that there is a MAXIMUM occupancy rate of 49 people inside Clem's Cabin.
● Please note there is NO SMOKING allowed in the cabins or anywhere on the grounds!
● Please note, also, that NO CANDLES are allowed in the cabins or anywhere on the grounds!
● Return thermostat to 55 degrees.
● Kitchen, trash baskets and refrigerator are cleaned out.
● Chairs are left as they were found.
● Floor is swept clean.
● Doors are locked and key is returned to the Buildings Chairman.

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