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The French Broad River Garden Club Foundation's Conservation Committee  educates it's membership and the community on best practices to restore and protect natural resources. We advocate for local and national environmental and conservation issues. In addition, we encourage environmental stewardship within our communities, in alignment with the purpose, mission, vision, and values of the organization. 


As a member of the Garden Club of America (GCA), we connect our activities to the GCA’s National Affairs and Legislation Committee’s policies through programs, field trips and demonstration projects.  Each year, we support numerous national and local conservation efforts through grants, scholarships, and donations. 

National Initiatives

National Native Plant Month Initiative

In the fall of 2022, the GCA launched a nationwide, multidisciplinary, cross-committee collaboration to promote native plants by formally establishing a Native Plant Month in all fifty states. The initiative is led by the Conservation, Horticulture and National Affairs and Legislation committees, each chaired by volunteers from across the country. 

Club members from the GCA's 199 member clubs will work to formally establish a Native Plant Month in their state. Project coordinators will enlist the assistance of GCA zone reps from our Conservation, Horticulture and NAL committees with assistance from the GCA membership.


The National Native Plant Month Initiative (NNPMI) includes a step-by-step program for GCA clubs to establish a Native Plant Month, guidance from experienced experts and the support of the GCA's platform, which will help amplify the message of the critical importance of native plants in every state across the country.

Contact for more information. 

The Healthy Yard Pledge

GCA club members: take the Pledge by logging into the Members Area of the GCA website and going to the Conservation Committee page. 


Non-members: take the Pledge here.

“I pledge to take care of my yard without synthetic pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers except on rare occasions to resolve an infestation or to improve habitat for native plants and wildlife. I also pledge not to throw pharmaceuticals or chemicals down my drains or toilets.”


The majority of land in the United States is owned by private citizens like us and together we can make a real difference. Studies have shown that even very small amounts of pesticides, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals in our water can adversely impact human health. Taking the pledge is an important and simple step to a cleaner safer water supply.

The Garden Club of America thanks Diane Lewis, MD, founder of The Great Healthy Yard Project and member of the Bedford Garden Club, Zone III For Starting The Healthy Yard Pledge.

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